Candid Moments Of Love

Truth Detained.

If the truth was a savior then what is there to doubt?

Never trust the hand that feeds you nuts.

I always said that if I die I rise didn’t I?

Put it to you this way I no longer serve two masters.

If infinity was a just cause for relief then murder would be normal. But it’s not.

I only have one task one moment to shine and that’s now in Love.


Play Yard Antics

I smile you smile. Then we play in the sun on a good day following our desires.


Love & Hate

If Ever there was a rose like you I pluck you until all your leaves fell off and the only thing that would remain would be your thorns. -Hate

If ever you were a rose I gaze upon you with delight, nurture your kind, and smell your blissful scent until the end of time.-Love


Your response is lovely but your heart speaks louder through your actions.


Poetry Stream…

Where is the thin line?

Never ask twice unless the lie is concrete.

Why is it that the just prevail over the unkind?

Poetry Pot I Smoke It Daily. PPISID

 There is no stable future when living in lies. But Now the truth remains constant. See!

 via Candid


About NomiLove

Naomi S. Gobern is a writer and artful entertainer who hopes to inspire the hearts and minds of others to enjoy the art of writing and entertainment. With her motivational and informational pieces, she passionately shares thought-provoking entertaining content for all to enjoy. View all posts by NomiLove

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